Our workshops this year will be held on Friday at 3:15 pm. When you register make sure to select which workshop you would like to attend as space is limited!

Do You Know Who You Are?

Come join us and find out the shocking truth about WHO you REALLY ARE! Satan has been working very hard to deceive you. The enemies plan is to keep you uninformed about who you are and how God views you. He doesn’t want you to know what God’s thoughts, plans and purposes are for your life. Victory is for you during this season! Come and find out the truth that will set you FREE! John 8:32 “Then you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free” NIV

Facilitator: Priscilla Evans

Umm, Lord? Is this really the right way?

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?” Song of Solomon 8:5 Am I lost and abandoned in the desert, or is God in this place? We are called to “endure hardship as discipline” and assured that “God is treating us as his children”, yet wonder what happened that I should deserve this. Walking through a long season of trials challenges the core of our beliefs about ourselves, the character of God, and the way we walk together. The results can be empowering or devastating. In this workshop, we will examine scripture to identify the shape of the wilderness in which we wander, the ways God uses our wilderness journey to shape our identity, and ways to partner with God so that the journey can have its full effect upon us to strengthen us to conquer the giants we will meet in the next season. A small workbook will be provided to equip us to study a Bible verse by both induction and revelation in order to better understand the heart of God for us as we read his word.

Facilitator: Amy Gill-Price

The Signs and The Times

• Blood Moons
• Volcanoes
• Earthquakes
• Changing Climate Patterns

“…There will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars…Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” Luke 21:25a, 28 Do you ever wonder if God is trying to tell us something? What could be unfolding all around us that we are not seeing? What is the significance of these things? We all know the account of the Star of Bethlehem in the Book of Matthew. What made the Magi follow the Star….what did it say to them? The Bible says the stars can carry messages from God on high. If that is true, then behind any other message, the fundamental meaning of these events is that God is there. The stars were part of his communication to those living in the Magi’s day. He continues to speak to us today. What other signs could He be showing us for this season? Come along and join me as we investigate some of the exciting things that God could be getting ready to reveal through His creation.

Facilitator: Jane Kane

You Have NOT Missed Your Call! – It’s Right In Front of You!

Are you over 40, 50, 60,70, or above and think that you have missed your moment to do something for God? Do you think that that you are too old now and have nothing to offer? That’s not true and neither is it biblical. This session will encourage you and show you the truth about how God wants to use us and how we can run our race right to the time we arrive at the Gates of Heaven.

Facilitator: Chris Albe

Come and Dine at the Table of the Lord

“There’s More To Me Than Meets the eye!” My place is at His table Therefore, its filling thereof, will not be denied. Because, its design is specifically for me There’s no watching from a distance, as others take theirs. In my chair, and at my place I sit across from Him, the One Who prepares it for me. To sit and dine Throughout eternity. The “Come and Dine at the Table of the Lord Workshop” is designed to help encourage ladies to move further in taking their restful place in the Lord Jesus Christ. It will motivate each heart to lean toward the Father’s heartbeat of love, as well as turning of the eyes, and taking a closer look at the things He’s made available. It’s to reveal the nature and character of God, demonstrating that in all things, great and small, difficult or simple, failure or in triumph, each one has a place at His table.

Facilitator: Yvonne Eason

Considering Homeschooling?


Is God tugging at your heart to homeschool your kids? Come learn about the blessings of homeschooling and receive some encouragement to be bold that take that step of faith. God will empower you to do it!

Facilitator: Susan Ely